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Thank you for visiting the Major NDT Consulting, LLC website. We offer training in all major NDT methods nationwide in accordance with SNT-TC-1A, which is the governing body for the qualification and certification in the NDT industry. We also specialize in procedure development and qualification. Major NDT Consulting, LLC. provides Outside Agency NDT Level III services to help clients build their own in-house certification program.

Classroom Training

Our training sessions are based on the knowledge and experience of our ASNT Level III instructors. We have lessons approved by ASNT with the necessary quizzes and final exams for each applicable method. During each course, time is allotted for our Level III instructors to work hands-on with students on our flawed specimens. This hands-on portion of class represents the true benefit of choosing Major NDT Consulting, LLC. as your certifying agency. We pride ourselves on having the best examples of in-field flaws available in a classroom setting, combined with Level III Instructors that have many years of recent NDT experience with the latest NDT technologies. We can adequately provide the do’s and don’ts of NDT, since we have actually been there and actually seen that. Our instructors have more than 20 years of in-field experience shooting radiographs, gathering encoded Phased Array data, scanning pipe welds with Ultrasonic shear waves, and detecting cracks with Magnetic Particles and Liquid Penetrants. These NDT applications are only scratching the surface of the type of examinations we have been qualified for and performed as Level II technicians.

Major NDT Consulting, LLC supports NDT vendors as well as the individual that has decided to embark on a new career path by providing quality training and providing this training at opportune schedules. Classes maybe held at your NDT facility or Major NDT can provide a meeting room in your area. Schedules are flexible and maybe 8-12 hours per day depending on your needs. Major NDT also accommodates for weekend courses. We have a few clients that have employees dedicated or billable during weekdays, but need necessary training for progression.

Call Major NDT Consulting, LLC today. Let us help develop your qualification program or get on your way to becoming a Certified NDT technician.


  • "Glenn Malbrue has always displayed a high level of ultrasonic knowledge, with profound ability to train. His uncommon level of professionalism, patients, and understanding has forced him act as one of my career mentors. Mr. Malbrue is the primary contributors to my success in ultrasonics. Thanks Glenn and I hope you continue to grow and help others on your path."

    -- Eric Jones

  • "I enjoyed the class very much. Any issues or problems I was struggling with where soon answered by Glenn. From the beginning he finds what is our weak points and teaches us how to overcome them. All students in his class get the feeling right away that Glenn is here to give knowledge based on experience and work with you one on one until the job is not only done but done very well. Glenn's class consisted of new information that will undoubtedly benefit your career and a broad selection of test pieces with every flaw for you to characterize. This class will make you well rounded and don't be afraid to ask questions. I'm looking forward to taking more classes from Glenn in the future."

    -- Fabian Suniga

  • "Just like many other technicians, the thought of only doing MT PT and UT-thickness for the rest of my career was unsettling. I wanted to become a shearwave technician to expose myself to more opportunities and of course, earn more money.

    From my perspective, becoming a shearwave technician appeared simple - find a machine, some flawed plates, someone to teach me, and then take the API QUTE exam, which was about five weeks away. However, I quickly discovered that this simple process was accompanied by some not-so-simple obstacles.

  • "Glenn and I began working together when he hired on with Capitol UT. I didn't really know him and hadn't heard of him so I was a little skeptical maybe. Capitol was not doing Phased Array yet and they had hired Glenn to get it started up and I was to be the first guy he trained. We worked a 2 month project at ExxonMobil Chemical plant in which they were X-raying 10% of the welds we checked. We came out perfect on it. Need less to say I was a believer. Glenn trained me to do Phased Array UT and angle beam shearwave. After working with him for three months I passed the ExxonMobil PA qualification test. I passed the API QUTE exam shortly after. We worked closely for years in the Baton Rouge area after that and I would say Glenn has a high success rate when it comes to training guys to do UT and Phased Array."

    -- Jonathon G.

  • "I first met Glenn at Chevron Refinery at Pascagoula,MS. I was really serious about getting into high end ultrasonic testing but had not met anyone willing to take the time to train me. I got with Glenn and he started with the basics of angle beam ut with me. We were on several turnarounds that year. Throughout the jobs we would go out and check welds in the field which elevated my skills quickly. We practiced on flawed specimens regularly and spoke about procedures daily. I have not met a better teacher. Within 3 months I passed the Chevron UT shearwave test, which is very tough. The fourth month I passed the API QUTE test on the first time up in 3 hours in an 8 hour test session. The techniques I were taught back in 2008 with Glenn have been the secret to my UT success. I also learned Phased Array UT from Glenn and I am currently an API PA QUTE certified guy also. He has always answered my calls when I run into obstacles and he doesn't mind giving his opinion. "

    -- Jacob R.

  • "I have used Glenn Malbrue’s shearwave technique for the last 3 years. I spent a short time with him learning and developing this technique which I took the API QUTE test and passed with flying colors. I have taken these techniques over the years and critiqued myself and I now have greater confidence in inspections along with a smile on my face when I turn in the report to the customer knowing I did a great 100% inspection due to his technique. Glenn Malbrue pointed out ways I can reduce time and boost my inspection in legitimately creative ways. He is always there to answer my questions when I have a problem or an interesting setup that I haven’t seen before. "

    -- Charles H.