Jacob Reed's Testimonial

"I first met Glenn at Chevron Refinery at Pascagoula,MS. I was really serious about getting into high end ultrasonic testing but had not met anyone willing to take the time to train me. I got with Glenn and he started with the basics of angle beam ut with me. We were on several turnarounds that year. Throughout the jobs we would go out and check welds in the field which elevated my skills quickly. We practiced on flawed specimens regularly and spoke about procedures daily. I have not met a better teacher. Within 3 months I passed the Chevron UT shearwave test, which is very tough. The fourth month I passed the API QUTE test on the first time up in 3 hours in an 8 hour test session. The techniques I were taught back in 2008 with Glenn have been the secret to my UT success. I also learned Phased Array UT from Glenn and I am currently an API PA QUTE certified guy also. He has always answered my calls when I run into obstacles and he doesn't mind giving his opinion. "

-- Jacob R.