Jonathon Gerace's Testimonial

"Glenn and I began working together when he hired on with Capitol UT. I didn't really know him and hadn't heard of him so I was a little skeptical maybe. Capitol was not doing Phased Array yet and they had hired Glenn to get it started up and I was to be the first guy he trained. We worked a 2 month project at ExxonMobil Chemical plant in which they were X-raying 10% of the welds we checked. We came out perfect on it. Need less to say I was a believer. Glenn trained me to do Phased Array UT and angle beam shearwave. After working with him for three months I passed the ExxonMobil PA qualification test. I passed the API QUTE exam shortly after. We worked closely for years in the Baton Rouge area after that and I would say Glenn has a high success rate when it comes to training guys to do UT and Phased Array."

-- Jonathon G.