Joshua Lazaro's Testimonial

"Just like many other technicians, the thought of only doing MT PT and UT-thickness for the rest of my career was unsettling. I wanted to become a shearwave technician to expose myself to more opportunities and of course, earn more money.

From my perspective, becoming a shearwave technician appeared simple - find a machine, some flawed plates, someone to teach me, and then take the API QUTE exam, which was about five weeks away. However, I quickly discovered that this simple process was accompanied by some not-so-simple obstacles.

The first was the price of equipment. Depending on the manufacturer, a shearwave machine can cost anywhere from $3000 to $7000. A set of flawed specimens can also quickly amount to several thousand dollars. But, considering that it would be impossible without equipment, I decided to accept that financial loss and buy both. Still, the third component, an instructor, was the most difficult thing to find.

Many shearwave technicians are qualified to teach, but finding someone who was actually willing to teach proved to be a huge challenge. Even though I offered to pay what I considered a large amount of money, I didn’t find anyone that was sincerely eager to impart their knowledge to a technician with no experience, especially one who was “rash” enough to believe he could learn shearwave in one month and take the API QUTE.

When I found Glenn’s information, I immediately called him and was relieved at how receptive he was to the idea of teaching me. He viewed my goal as an equally large but exciting challenge for himself, so after we agreed on a price and the level of commitment that would be necessary, we set out a plan and communicated every day either in person, over the phone, by text, or by email.

To make a long story short, it was a very intense month. Most of my free hours were spent doing math calculations, calibrating, scanning plates, and talking to Glenn, but in the end, our effort paid off. I started learning shearwave on October 25, 2012, and I took and passed the API QUTE on November 29.

If anyone has any doubts about Glenn’s skills at ultrasonic testing, they only need to view his resume to reassure themselves, as he has passed some of the most difficult ultrasonic testing exams in the inspection industry. What is not seen on paper but what I consider more important is his unbridled and almost parental supportiveness. If a student displays an intense desire to learn, it will stimulate in Glenn an equally intense desire to teach, and while many would feel threatened at the idea of sharing their knowledge, Glenn feels a sense of accomplishment at witnessing a student’s growth. I strongly believe that is the essential quality of a good teacher. I experienced it first hand and would gladly and enthusiastically recommend him to anyone else. Again, if you go the extra mile to learn, he will go the extra mile to help you."

-- Joshua Lazaro